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Even though this prayer is activated

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Lighting of Running: Even though this prayer is activated, it is going to permit you to run much more faster than usual. This prayer demands maturity level 45. Even though the arrow appraoches you, a ring of flame will burst your charater, and once the arrow goes through it, it will burn and the harm reduces by 10%. This prayer necessitates 50 maturity level.

Jagged Edges: This prayer encircles your character in boards with several nails in every one of these. If assaulted using meele, these claws will"bend" the blade of the weapon, which lowers the damage delt by 10%. This prayer requires 53 maturity level.

Dragon Wrap (No, this is NOT just like the Chicken Wrap available at Mcdonalds:aware: ): This ivory bands you in strips of dragon hide. This prayer necessitates 57 prayer level. Now onto the Amulet. That is needed to do some spells for F.O.G. Mini-Game.

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